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Apologies for anyone who has been trying to keep track of goings on. Through being really quite busy elsewhere I have had very little chance to work on this over the last couple of months.

I finally got round to updating this page, as well as uploading a slighly modified release that adds an RSS feed of the latest 15 posts. Download from

Gareth, Lead Developer, 6th April 2005

I'd just like to say another developer has got involved, but if anyone else is interested please let me know. A big welcome to Pasi Suominen.

Gareth, Lead Developer, 15th Jan 2005

After adding a few comments to the source code I've packaged it up and uploaded onto the Sourceforge project page at Note that this is very rough and definately really only for interested developers. Any questions let me know.

Gareth, Lead Developer, 12th Jan 2005

Note that this is a brand new project so help would be much appreciated. At the moment I haven't had time to put together a proper description or any sort of time line. Check back in a couple of weeks and I should have committed the source files to the Sourceforge CVS server.

I have however posted the application I made to Sourceforge to get the project authorised below for reference. Any questions please let me know. The project page on Sourceforge is

Gareth, Lead Developer, 9th Jan 2005


The aim of the project will be to build a simple to use and easy to configure email mailing list application with web based archive and administration facilities, written in PHP. With the increasingly wide support amongst hosting providers for PHP, and by allowing for a variety of different data storage methods, the project will aim to provide a mailing list solution for instances where other, more powerful but also complex and difficult to skin, manage and support applications are either unavailable or over kill.

With ever more interesting ways of collaborating and communicating available, mailing lists are stills widely used for both large and small groups due to being easy to keep up with and not requiring the effort of visiting a web page or opening another application.

This project will aim to be most useful for smaller projects, potentially useful for small company intranets or departments where quick communications AND a simple to use archive would be particularly useful.

Summary of Features:

Clever Bits Required:

Languages, Data Storage and Libraries:

Existing Work:

The idea for this project came about when I wanted to set up a small mailing list for the local web development community in Newcastle, UK. Being a PHP developer (professionally as well as play time) I ideally wanted something I could play around with as well. Looking at the available alternatives (eg. The excellend Mailman, written in Python) most where large and somewhat complex to install. What I was looking for was something maybe a little more light weight and, ideally, very easy to configure (both options and look and feel). With all this in I wrote an initial working version that is currently running the mailing list.